Tim Haries has been released from Brixton Prison on tag

Some words from Tim Haries:F4J TIM RELEASED (2)


“Thank you all for your support for myself and Rebekah over this difficult period for us. I am personally overwhelmed and humbled by the amount of people that have come together over the last 9 months.

My actions have been for my children and all of our children. I am just an average man, no hero or legend! but, if my actions can help bring together the parents of this country to unite in the struggle for equality in Family Justice, fight the corruption and failings of the legal systems which act in the so called ‘best interests’ of our children, then I have achieved something.

I have no doubt now that my children will one day look into what their father has done, and will learn the truth, which i believe will lead to their return to their father.

Over the past few months, I have seen a greater sense of community develop amongst the different groups and campaigners. It is time for us all to realise that we are fighting the same cause, even though we might see things from a different perspective. In my opinion, we all need to pull together as one, if we are to gain momentum and make a positive change, so I ask all of you to support the new Family Justice Community as a way to make this a reality.”