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Wild Street Productions was set up by friends Ashley Campbell and John Pickard in late 2012.

From the No.18 bus home after school to a friendship that has stood the test of time. Our plan is simple: We want to create and work with like-minded individuals who are still passionate about performance and telling stories from the heart.

We’re still big fans of reality and cooking shows, honest, but there are loads of those anyway!

Ash came to me with an idea and we’ve set out on another journey together…

We pride ourselves on fits of giggles and making each other laugh when we’re working, developing ideas and concepts. We have the Dictaphone tapes to prove it!

With over 40 years collectively as Actors toeing the line and waiting for the phone to ring, we decided to bang our heads together and source our own list of contacts and be a creative force as Artists!

In an industry that is constantly evolving with a high volume of media genres, start up channels and new writing platforms all vying to help, support and nurture new talent. Also, the potentiality of your work being transmitted at the touch of a button and reaching a mass audience virally. These really are exciting times when a dream or vision can actually be realized and have a beginning, middle and end.

Like a musician would play and a painter would get out the canvas. We just needed to humbly write, act, produce and direct.

We have an array of ideas from documentaries through to pilots for sitcoms that might become comedy dramas or short films that could potentially end up as a feature. A seed or a sketch, they’re all as important as the next.

We aim to build long-standing relationships with major broadcasters, writers, directors and producers and seek out fresh new talent that we can learn from and grow and collaborate with.

As William H. Macy once said, “You sit down around the table for as long as possible, with the people you want to work with!”

Get your people to get in touch with us and we will keep working and doing what we do. We’ll collaborate with you.

Let’s shake hands on a deal, let’s work some magic and tell tales, show stories that get people on the edge of their seats.

And remember…

You can’t make an omelette without cracking eggs.

Tel: 0207 836 2956

Email: info@wildstreetproductions.co.uk