Protesting the Prime Minister David Cameron about family law. Cornwall 25/08/14

Campaigner Bobby Smith of London and Hertfordshire Parents Protesting has been protesting in Cornwall this afternoon. He is demanding access to his young children and complaining about alleged unfair treatment by family courts.

Two protesters have been camped outside the Prime Minister’s Cornish holiday home since Saturday to demand reform of family courts.Daymar Beach 2

Bobby was briefly arrested last night for using a megaphone to call on David Cameron to come outside and talk to him. Mr Cameron did briefly step outside and exchanged a few words with Mr Smith before returning to his holiday home, near Daymer Bay

He said ‘So I just had an actual argument with David Cameron and he stormed off after I started shouting about family courts because he was fobbing me off again. Strange how quick he came out once we got the seats out and started eating fish and chips, 20 minutes lol. “You’re ruining my holiday” Me and my children don’t have holidays Prime Minister, if I had them back I wouldn’t be here, I won’t give up on my girls’

Polzeath Beach