New Fathers 4 Justice ‘Batman’, Cheltenham’s Jason Hatch promises further protests

A fathers’ rights campaigner who scaled the walls of Buckingham Palace while dressed as Batman has promised more stunts to raise awareness.

Jason Hatch

A decade ago next week, Jason Hatch staged a protest on the walls of the Queen’s house in London where he remained standing on a ledge for hours.

Although the Cheltenham resident – part of Fathers 4 Justice at the time – was arrested as soon as he came down, he was later released without charge.

Despite now having access to his children, Mr Hatch, 43, says he will pull on his superhero suit one more time for more publicity stunts on behalf of fathers denied the right to see their kids.

Shortly after the Buckingham Palace stunt, Mr Hatch left Fathers 4 Justice but he is now involved with a splinter group.

He said: “I left Fathers 4 Justice a couple of years a later because I wasn’t happy with the way it was being run.

“But I’m supporting New Fathers 4 Justice and we’re planning some new stunts and protests.”

The painter and decorator lives in Wiltshire at the moment, but is planning on returning to Cheltenham where one of his children, a 10-year-old daughter, lives.

He said: “I’ve sorted out the relationship with my first wife and my two oldest children.

“There’s never been an issue with my youngest. Any time I come to Cheltenham I’ve been able to see her or take her somewhere, and now I can see my children in Devizes, although I didn’t see them for eight years, and there’s a massive gap there.

“But I’m still campaigning for other fathers and mothers who aren’t able to see their children, because they are badly treated by the courts.”

Cheltenham man Dave Pyke used to act as Robin to Mr Hatch’s Batman during his stunts, though not in the notorious attempt to handcuff then Children’s Minister Margaret Hodge in 2007.

Mr Hatch said: “He can’t campaign anymore, so I’m doing it for him and all fathers and mothers.

“We’ve got some surprising things planned.”

A spokesman for New Fathers 4 Justice suggested that the group might be aiming to launch a protest to disrupt the Tour of Britain bicycle race as it comes through Gloucestershire next Wednesday, although Mr Hatch would not be drawn on any details of stunts.

Some have criticised campaigners like Mr Hatch and Fathers 4 Justice for being both publicity seekers and more concerned with the rights of fathers than the wellbeing of their children.

A spokesman for Gloucestershire police declined to speculate on possible protests by the new group and any possible response by police.