10 years on…….Spiderman roof protest

Painter and decorator, Tony Ashby, a supporter of the Fathers 4 Justice campaign, climbed to the top of the Riverside building in Leicester’s Western Boulevard yesterday.

Egged on by 20 supporters waving banners and singing, Mr Ashby, of Melton Road, Rushey Mead, sat on the roof, 40ft above ground level. He said it was part of his battle for more access to his child. “There are a lot of fathers in a similar position to me,” he said.

A dozen police officers were at the scene throughout the afternoon to keep the peace. They only intervened in the demonstration when one of the campaigners swore while shouting through a loudspeaker.

Members of Fathers 4 Justice held the protest above the building where the Child and Family Courts Advisory and Support Service, which looks after the interest of children in family proceedings, has an office.

When Mr Ashby, who is in his 30s, finally agreed to come down, firefighters had to use a lift. Officers arrested him on suspicion of causing a public nuisance. He is being questioned.Insp Bill Knopp said: “If there are similar protests in future, we would ask people to protest within the law and we will support their right to do this.”