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One is not born father, one becomes “one is tempted to say. Fatherhood is so difficult, how the role of the father he changed?
Yourope went to see what was happening in Europe. And what a surprise! Those who do not want to be confined to the role of money printing and occasional visitors sometimes have trouble when they try to have a voice in education. This is especially the case when the child’s parents no longer love. The superpapas, fathers at home … it’s this week

Being father in Europe – do we still need fathers?
Suffice to say it bluntly: Despite the debate on the introduction of a quota of women at European level in many EU countries, it is still the men who pull the strings, professionally and financially. They earn more money than women are better represented in the executive and do not have to choose between their careers and their families.

But when it comes to education, things are quite different. In case of separation, fathers often struggle for years to get custody of their children. And even among couples together, things are not that easy. What happens when a man he is requesting a maternity leave? And what about gay couples who want a child?

  • Britain: men dressed as superheroes fight for custody. All this in a country where the law nevertheless provides an equal distribution between the two parents.
  • In France, fathers are housed in the same boat. Difficult for them to see their children if the mother refuses. They organize actions to show they are there for their children. But is it enough to move the legislation?
  • Norway: the law expects anything else Norwegian fathers. It provides women they unload their chores and caring for children. How do they balance work and family?
  • Spain: two gay dads and their kids … Yes, in Catholic Spain, it is a current image. How do these men have done to have children? And how do you grow up with two fathers?

British superheroes are fighting for their children

New Fathers 4 Justice superman-papa

At first glance, the “Children Act” has any progressive legislation: if the name of the father on the birth certificate of the child, he has the same rights as the mother, even in case of separation. In theory only. Because in practice many fathers are removing their children. If a woman claims that her ex was once violent, it does not need more justice. And the charges are rarely checked.

Fathers who do not find a sympathetic ear among judges then trying to be heard by their own means. Disguised as a superhero, the “Protest Dad” Jonathan Stanesby climbed buildings for years. He will review provided his daughter? Yourope visited him at his home in the UK.

Jack Carter

The trouble with the French fathers justice
Since 2002, separated parents both have custody of children they had together. But the reality is often different: in most cases, the child lives with the mother, and it is she who ultimately decides if her ex can see his offspring. If mom and dad are not on very good terms, it stinks for Dad. And he does not expect too much help from the justice class in general these cases as different family perfectly normal.

Some fathers like John trying to alert the public by spontaneous actions. Itself has two children he has not seen for nearly three years. Justice, these men expect nothing. What they want is to make a strong gesture, above all for their children.

A father and his son in a group of awakening for toddlers – a common picture in Norway.

Maternity leave? That’s so 80s! Norway, for 21 years, fathers have an obligation to spend at least ten weeks their newborn. Being paid of course, that goes without saying. Not surprisingly, nearly 90% of fathers opt for parental leave, to the delight of their companions. And as it is rather seen to care for her child full-time fathers do not have problems with their employer.

It is well known Scandinavian models are students in this field and they ensure more equality between the sexes. Home, it is not uncommon to see a father with a stroller. In Sweden, there is even talk of “Latte-Pappas” to describe these young fathers who find themselves in the afternoon to talk about a Macchiatto while their children play near them!

How to live the fathers who endorsed the traditional role of the mother? Norway Yourope met fathers who took parental leave.

Growing up with two dads: gay couples in Spain

Daddy + Daddy + child = family? In Spain, the account is good! Since same-sex couples have access to adoption, there are more and more families arc-en-ciel (note: Family with at least one parent is homosexual) on the other side of the Pyrenees. Spain is estimated that nearly 80,000 children are growing up with gay parents. Yes, in terms of the rights of same-sex couples, the traditionally Catholic country ruled by the Conservatives has more than one step ahead!

In Germany for example, the adoption is denied. So what are the possibilities that remain for those who want a biological child? How do you grow up with two dads? Gay fathers are they better parents? For more information, Yourope met two families with two dads

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