Hyde Park gate protesters in Court – ‘I am Steven Dawe’

The six Hyde Park gate protesters were in Westminster Magistrates Court on the 20th November  to hear what charges they face.

Hyde Park Heroes

Activist Bobby Smith who was at the hearing to support the six Hyde Park activists said

We were in the court a couple of hours and the court never actually established if Steven Dawe exists or was present. Supporters decided to confuse things by acting out a Steve Dawe version of “I am Spartacus”

It was very confusing for the Judge who just gave up in the end and no one by that name appeared in the dock. The gallery was in a fit of laughter and many of them couldn’t keep a straight face. It still going to trial in April but no one is sure what charges they now face especially the French who do not speak much English. Apparently though it is not a criminal offence”

In August it is alleged 6 parents climbed Apsley Arch in London and stayed there for a number of nights.