Social Worker of the Year Awards 2014 Protest 28th November

Join us at the Lancaster Hotel, Lancaster terrace, W2 2TY London. Meet at 5pm.

New Fathers 4 Justice Social Worker Awards

This Friday activists in and around London are going to protest against the social workers awards ceremony. I think I’m not mistaken in wondering that many if not most activists consider this particular ‘profession’ is harbouring some of the most accomplished narcissists in the whole rotten family law system.

We’ll be going there and give’em a piece of our mind, in fact we’d like to ram it down their thoughts.

But we’d like you to join us too, and where in the past this has been under some casual request with little attention given to assisting those we invite, we’ve made a little effort this time with accommodation requirements. Between various activists and hacktavists we have a few dozen places where supporters can be accommodated. This makes things easier for those who travel to protest across the country and it also gets us to know each other better.

The Social Workers Awards Ceremony is beyond insult, it is a celebration of cruelty on a massive scale. Its ugliness is so huge; it requires a big turnout of those who have a determination to denounce it as loudly as we can. It should not be a minor demonstration that doesn’t hit the press radar. Numbers! We all know it’s about numbers, and we all know our demos are not big enough.

Archi Ssan