“He was like spiderman” Man spotted on Port Talbot roof was in two and a half hour stand off with police

A MAN who was spotted jumping from roof to roof like Spiderman was in a two and a half hour stand off with police.

Officers were forced to cordon off Commercial Road in Taibach, Port Talbot, yesterday (Mon Dec 1) at 3pm.

Photo by Darren Elkins.
Photo by Darren Elkins.

Police vans swarmed the area, fire crews were drafted in and paramedics were also on standby.

He was eventually taken away by officers in a police van.

Onlooker Amanda Johnson, aged 40, from Margam, said the situation sparked total chaos.

Full time mum Miss Johnson said: “He was like Spiderman climbing over the roofs — he was on all fours going along. It was crazy — he does not realise the trouble he has caused.

“The school bus couldn’t go down the road to take the children to Margam village.

“The situation was going on since 3pm and has caused havoc during the afternoon. It went on for two and a half hours.

“What would possess someone to do something like that?”

She added: “There were lots of police around here between 3pm and 4pm. The fire service is supposed to have put a ladder up but he kicked it down twice.

It took until 5.30pm before he came down from the roof and ended up in police hands.

A spokesman for South Wales Police said last night: “Police were called to Commercial Road in Taibach, Port Talbot, shortly before 3pm following reports of a man on the roof of a property. A road closure and police cordon were put in place while the incident was dealt with.

“The incident has now concluded safely and a 25-year-old local man is in police custody. The public are thanked for their patience.”