UK Father Fights To Save His Daughter – Dad Refuses Police Interview on Solicitors Advice

Supporter Jack Ide tells us his story:-

There is no way that I will stop publicising events, concerns & people connected with my daughter Sky. I will not stop as she she is not safe where she is & I need the public to keep be aware of her situation & the people around her as it is all I have to be able to protect her at the moment.

No amount of time passing lets me forget the image of her stepdad with his hands around my little girl’s neck. No amount of time passing will let me forget that my daughter’s own mum chose to stay with an abuser. No amount of time passing will change the reality that my little girl is presently in the custody and ‘care’ of people of who aren’t able to put her best interests first & who will allow her to be hurt… & maybe even killed.

After complete silence from my ex-partner, I was contacted by Trowbridge police & asked to attend an interview yesterday, to be cautioned due to some of the content of my public posts, containing ‘sensitive’ material.

What is more sensitive than my four & a half year old daughter being strangled by her step-dad & then forced to live with him again, knowing that her mum is NOT protecting her & that it may well happen again?…& when she had plainly asked her own Dad, to save her & not take her back? The law has a funny idea of sensitivity & so does my ex-partner looking for me to ‘buckle under’ and be nicey-nicey – when my daughters feelings, wishes & SAFETY are being one hundred percent ignored.


I attended the police appointment and my solicitor cancelled the interview, as apparently the police had no grounds to speak to me about it at all.

In June 2014, my four & a half year old daughter, Sky, mimicked her step-dad and she had bruises on her neck.Due to the violent nature of my ex-partner’s family, informing relevant authorities, we removed Sky from the local area, only to be refused an emergency ex-parte application to keep Sky with me by Judge Thomas in Truro County Court, while my ex-partner was granted an ex-parte order, by Judge Asplin, without any evidence & whilst she WITHHELD the reason that I had kept Sky with me.

Although Cornish Police were apologetic, they handed me an order with a penal notice attached, to return Sky to the same abusive environment and she hasn’t seen me since June 19th 2014.

I made statements to Frome Police before handing Sky over, and they said they would ‘follow it up,’ but I have heard nothing from them since.

She was traumatised by having to go back to her mum & step-dad who have both denied the allegations. I asked Sky at the time, ‘What did mummy do about it?’ Sky answered, ‘She told him to say sorry,’ then she dipped her head and continued, ‘But he wouldn’t.’ Her allotted Social Worker was not there to receive a traumatised little girl when Sky was handed back to her abusers and didn’t pay her a visit until several days later. Her social worker refused to provide the letter of proof that Sky and her brother were subjects under investigation following allegations of abuse, thereby stealing my entitlement to legal aid to properly represent myself in court.

The Cafcass report based on a phone interview with my ex-partner & also one with myself – as well as the scant Social Services report, actually lied. Lisa Gordon character assassinated me within the phone interview & then distorted my words within her final report. I wrote to her twice, but in the same way that social worker responded with silence, so did Cafcass.

Jack Ide

Not one professional asked Sky if she knew why I had taken her away. Not one person gave a scared little girl the chance to tell the truth.

My partner & I have created a web site and Facebook page where you can follow, share, comment & find links to sign our petitions demanding that Sky’s case be reopened as a matter of urgency as well as a plea to the government for immediate family law reforms. You can access these using the links below.