Superhero Dads Close down Exeter Cafcass for the day

It may not be the biggest or most theatrical protest in history, but these guys certainly had an impact on CAFCASS. Faced with a legitimate demonstration outside their Exeter offices, CAFCASS shut up shop and went home for the day! Just goes to show that you can make a difference. Rather hoping that they’ll be targeting our offices later on, as I could do with a day off. Unfortunately, we’re not funded by the government out of the misery of others, so I guess we’ll be working until 5 as usual…

New F4J Cafcass ExeterExeter CAFCASS (3)

Exeter CAFCASS (4)

Exeter CAFCASS (5)

Exeter Cafcass 08.12.14Exeter CAFCASS (1)

Exeter CAFCASS (2)