Campaigner confronts Ed Miliband outside Lister Hospital but told no photos because it looked unnatural

A campaigner banned from protesting outside David Cameron’s home over Christmas confronted Ed Miliband outside Lister Hospital in Stevenage this morning.

Shocked ED (1)

Bobby Smith,32 an HGV driver from Waltham Cross said ‘Instead of talking outside they invited me in to sit down next to Ed Miliband and talk face to face for five minutes. They asked me not to video (because it looked unnatural) but said it’s ok to record it so I did. He said that he was completely unaware of the courts and had no answer but as a party they are aware of the need for transparency’

Ignorance is not acceptable from the Labour Party.

In 2005 when Harriet Harman, QC, then Minister for Constitutional Affairs announced proposals to throw the family courts open so that thousands of hearings, from divorce wrangles over money to contact with children, would no longer be conducted behind closed doors in secret they did NOTHING!

In the lead up to the election all politicians could be targeted and we are not going to let them ignore what’s happening in the secret family courts!