Campaigners asked not to deface Long Man of Wilmington



Fathers rights campaigners are being asked not to deface the Long Man of Wilmington.

The group New Fathers 4 Justice say they’re planning to decorate the famous figure with a Batman mask and cape.  They’ve told Sovereign FM they want to do it sometime in the next couple of weeks.

However, the Sussex Archaeological Society have asked the group to consider the damage they could do.  In a statement they said:

“The Longman as you are aware is a wonderful piece of cultural heritage and a valued feature of the landscape of The South Downs National Park looked after by The Sussex Archaeological Society and protected as a scheduled ancient monument. He is a fragile and irreplaceable element of our cultural heritage located in an extremely sensitive environment where even minor erosions can cause long term damage. As guardians of this monument we would ask that New Fathers 4 Justice consider the interests of others who value him and respect ours in preserving our historic Sussex.”

The group Fathers 4 Justice, a different group to the one threatening the stunt on the Long Man of Wilmington, were notorious for dressing up as superheroes to highlight their campaign.  Their most famous protest was when protestors scaled the walls of Buckingham Palace.