Protestors set up camp outside MP Chris Grayling’s house in fight to ‘Stop the War on Dads’

Protestors have gathered outside Justice Minister Chris Grayling’s house, as part of their fight to shake up the family courts system.

One of the leading campaigners Martin Matthews, who is a member of New Fathers 4 Justice, says the camp will regularly be occupied in the run-up to the election.

Grayling Camp Ashted
The 47-year-old believes the government has an agenda to break-up British families, and feels fathers too often come out worse when marriages fall apart.

The campaigner, who lives in Middlemead Road, Bookham, started rallying against the government after fighting a custody battle of his own in a family court.

Mr Matthews made the news in August last year after climbing onto the roof of the Epsom and Ewell MP’s home in Ashtead as part of a protest.

The campaigner was later found guilty of criminal damage.

He said: “The most traumatic thing for any human is having their child taken away.

“Having to go through that whilst also going head-to head with barristers in the legal system makes it all much worse.

“We want to see changes so dads get a better deal.

“Chris Grayling should go, he’s been presiding over all of this for too long and needs to go.”

Mr Matthews says roughly 12 people have joined him at the camp since it was set up at 10am on Saturday, January 30, with motorists giving honks of supports as they drive past.

The campaigner is keen to keep the number small so the protest stays peaceful.

He is also planning to put up a banner at the camp, part of which is based on a traffic island opposite Mr Grayling’s house, which will read ‘Stop the War on Dads.’