Bobby Smith – Activist Extraordinaire!

What a day – WHAT A DAY it’s 12.59 and I’m wrapping up from a long day since Bobby phoned me early this morning about what he wanted to with Harriet Harman’s sexist election campaign. She has publicly said “fathers are an irrelevance” and boy is she sexist. I haven’t been working in our circles so you wouldn’t see my activities but the day was full on with other concerned groups and news agencies.

Harman New Fathers 4 Justice

But what this post is about is Bobby Smith, This is activism as it could be. He did quality research, applied political acumen about the significance of the Harman campaign, noted other womens offence of Harman patronising them and decided to get out there rapidly at extremely short notice (half an hour). After a excited phone call this morning to me and a few tips and political quotes and soundbites like the ‘this is what a victim of feminism looks like’ penned on his T’shirt, he then went into battle ALONE up against one of the most power political figures in the UK – AND GAVE THAT BIGGOT SOME SHIT in front of reporters, illuminating the embarrassment of her prejudice for potential voters to see at the heavily publicised start of a national campaign.
He got several national papers and 3 TV channels (the last count).

So I would like to say on behalf of all of us that, Bobby Smith, we salute you.

Activist Extraordinaire!

Archi Ssan