New Fathers 4 Justice Activist in Taunton Batman Protests

On Wednesday  New Fathers 4 Justice activist Nicki Hughes held a protest at Taunton Cafcass dressed as Batman.

After starting on top of the car park next to Cafcass he then spent several hours outside Vivary Park gates opposite Cafcass with cars honking their horns in support.

Despite the mother of his child being a habitual drug user he is being denied access to his young son by Bristol Social services. He was even told that taking drug was part of modern life by one court official.

All he wants to be able to do is protect his son

NF4J Taunton Cafcass

On Wednesday evening  the protest continued at the South West Conservative Dinner fundraiser dinner held at Somerset County Cricket ground where William Hague was  the guest speaker.

SCC gate

Last week another protester Bobby Smith confronted Harriet Harman’s pink bus in Stevenage.

In the lead up to the election all politicians could be targeted and we are not going to let them ignore what’s happening in the secret family courts!

The lack of justice for fathers is one of the biggest social scandals of our time.

We have a secretive legal system that is utterly out of touch with the way we live now in a world where dads change nappies, push buggies and spend hours cuddling their children in exactly the same way that good mothers do.

New Fathers 4 Justice demand that the Family Courts give dads equal status in order to see their children after separation or divorce. This will free up resources and shorten waiting lists for the really important cases.

Let’s face it, fathers only want the same right of access as mums latest boyfriend.

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