Interrupting Harriet Harmans photo opportunity and meeting with Family lawyers in Cambridge

By Bobby Smith

This time Harriet Harman was due to meet Family lawyers and mediators to discuss how they have been unable to extract enough money from the Government since the legal aid cuts.

My Children suffered years of abuse at the hands of family lawyers whose sole intention was to lengthen the case out for as long as possible to get more money from the then blank cheque that was Legal aid and false accusations of domestic abuse.

 Myself, Archi SSan ( and Fiona James (Empowerment Mondays) decided to interrupt the photo opportunity.

Once in position I refused to move despite Miss Harman pleading and a number of pensioners physically assaulting me, It’s unfortunate that they have to resort to pushing and shoving, I have never felt the need to, But then again I welcome people who disagree with me to voice their opinions. labour it seem’s are only interested in pre scripted Photo opportunities.

Fiona Confronted Miss harman about her manipulation of domestic abuse statistics

Realising that we were out to expose the truth and put an end to her false statements and statistics in the end she decided to just run from us