Pink bus South West launch goes seriously wrong…You’re welcome

By Bobby Smith

The main aim of labours Pink Bus (Like all political campaigns) is to get their policies and only the statistics they have selected out to the masses without having to deal with any replies or awkward questions from the rest of us, So although what they are saying is true the statistics are completely misrepresented as they are not giving the full story. This is called propaganda.

With this in mind myself and James Dennis attended the South West launch of the Pink Bus campaign in Gloucester today, There was no difference between either side we were both in a public street voicing our opinions.

The Labour party however are not used to having people oppose them vocally as soon as they realised we did not agree with them we were sworn at pushed, elbowed, cornered, and had people shouting in our faces, Luckily I had a megaphone with me with a siren on it so used it as a disciplinary tool to calm them down, Eventually the police were called to speak to the violent labour activists and also to facilitate our protest, Which they were happy to do.