Yes Mr Cameron For the Sake of Fatherhood New Fathers 4 Justice activists did climb on your Witney office roof

3rd August 2010

New Fathers 4 Justice protesters dressed as superheroes and scaled the roof of PM David Cameron’s constituency office yesterday. Roger Crawford, 61, Jeremy Pogue and Archit Ssan, both 49, pretended to be a court jester, Superman and The Incredible Hulk. They took supplies of water, pies, pasties, chocolate and beer.

The group unfurled a banner which read: “Give Dads Equality.” They plan to stay on top of the building in Witney, Oxfordshire, for several days.

Supporters, some also dressed as superheroes cheered from the ground. One wore a David Cameron mask. Mr Cameron was not in his constituency at the time.

The protesters are from New Fathers 4 Justice which was formed when the original group was disbanded in 2008.