A FATHER from Clevedon will join six others hoping to visit the leader of the Conservative party this weekend to campaign against the family court system.

Dressed as Captain Equality, Nigel Ace and his superhero sidekicks from New Fathers 4 Justice are taking the “Bat Bus” to David Cameron’s home near Chipping Norton on Saturday after, they claim, he said he would talk to the campaigners from his window.

Mr Ace, who spoke to Mr Cameron at a question and answer session in Bristol, said: “At this Cameron Direct meeting, he joked he would talk to us from his window and so we accept his invite.

“This is part of a campaign of non-violent direct action and a campaign of national civil disobedience against the family court system and those that support it.”

The father-of one to six-year-old Poppy said he was disappointed that Mr Cameron said courts should make the decision about giving dads 50/50 contact in cases of separation. The party leader said more mediation was needed and that this hopefully would mean fewer cases going to court.

Mr Ace said: “With regard to mediation, this only works if both parties are wishing to work together. It is futile otherwise.

“I have to admit that I was hopeful of change from Mr Cameron but now I’m not.”

Around 80 superheroes from across the UK are expected to take part in the demonstration carrying horns, purple flags, banners and a ladder.

New Fathers for Justice aims to give both parents equal rights to see their children, for family courts to be brought into line with crown and magistrates court to prevent corruption and bias, and implement a culture of accountability with the judiciary.