New Fathers 4 Justice are causing an absolute riot inside courtroom 8 of Westminster Mags

At Westminster Magistrates court activists who climbed on Hyde Park Gate last August got conditional discharges of 9 months and one got fined £75. They all also have to pay victim surcharge of £15,

Archi Ssan ,53 from Streatham, Carol Wheeler, 41 from Honiton, Devon, Steven Dawe from London, Scott Reiss from the Ardeche, Jean Le Bail from Caen, and Michel Calbray from Chartres climbed on the London landmark last August.

During the two day trial New Fathers 4 Justice and Humanworth protestors were accused causing an absolute riot inside courtroom 8 of Westminster Mags today. It was not really a riot more of a…..fracas.

The 6 defendants were supported by 15 other activists in the gallery.

There has been a lot of tension, but also a lot of comedy as the prosecution put forward their case.



Six protesters who scaled a historic monument in Hyde Park and camped out on top of it for five days caused chaos in a courtroom.

The six representatives of New Fathers 4 Justice, including two Frenchmen and a woman, climbed on to the gate of Apsley House in Hyde Park in August last year. Two were dressed as superheroes as they draped a 20ft banner advertising their website over the entrance to the Duke of Wellington’s old home.

District Judge Elizabeth Roscoe had to deal with repeated outbursts from the public gallery at Westminster Magistrates Court and said: ‘I am not an MP, I am a judge.’

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