A protest against adoption laws is taking place outside Southampton Civic Centre

ANGRY families are staging a demonstration in Southampton city centre in protest of adoption laws.

A man in a Superman outfit holding a megaphone is among a group of 20 people holding aloft banners outside the Civic Centre today.

A large banner has been pinned up on Civic Centre Road and protestors standing on the steps.

Council staff have placed barriers around part of the car park and are occasionally trying to talk with them.

Campainers arrived shortly before 10am with signs reading “stop forced adoption and fostering”.

One man, dressed up as Superman, was representing the group New Fathers for Justice.

He criticised adoption laws and said: “This is parental alienation. It’s a form of child abuse.”

Their protest comes ahead of a larger rally being organised in London tomorrow with people marching on Westminster and Trafalgar Square.