Elmo banned from Witney Hustings with Prime Minster on Friday night

New Fathers 4 Justice campaigner Bobby Smith aka Elmo was banned from participating in Friday nights hustings debate at St Marys Church Witney despite being a candidate in the Witney constituency,

Elmo facing arrest

The event was hosted by Witney Churches together and BBC Oxford were present.

What else has Prime Minster David Cameron got to hide? Does he not really believe in Democracy?

Bobby Smith said ‘I went in the church to ask on Tuesday and politely asked to be included in the debate as I was a candidate in the election but they said no. It was clear that David Cameron and his team did not want me present’

This was the only hustings that the Prime Minister was appearing at during the election campaign.

Nf4j Bobby Smith

We had the following response from David Cameron’s Muppet Liam Walker


Fellow candidate and fathers rights campaigner Chris Tompson of UK Parents Protesting was also blocked at the door by Cameron’s security despite having a ticket.