Bobby Smith “For my Daughters.. Your whole history from the day you were born x”

Hello girls if you are reading this around the time it was published then that is good, If not then it doesn’t matter as you will come across it one day.

I am going to be doing a video every couple of weeks in different locations that are to do with our past.

Because you don’t see me now but you did back then maybe you are not told a lot about how it was when you also had a Dad in your life? Maybe you can’t remember anymore as it was so long ago?

These videos will remind you of everything, and if you still don’t remember then at least these videos will help you know a bit more about yourselves.

Also I hope they will show you both how much I love you and how happy we were together.

Now you are older you have a right to choose if you want to see me and stay with me overnight, These videos will help you decide what you want to do.

There is no pressure I am always going to be here waiting for you both. Watch the videos and the other things I do and as soon as you are ready you can contact me.