Superman Haydn Burton A5941DH who protested agaist PM in Witney found hanged in HMP Winchester

Winchester prison and Haydn Burton’s family have confirmed that this morning Haydn Burton was found hanging in his cell. He was taken to Winchester Hospital, unresponsive, and placed on life support.

Sadly it looks like another superhero father has taken his own life ……leaving a little girl without her daddy! Since when was the best interest of the child not to have her daddy .

Haydn has been let down by the Police, Prison System, Government and the Courts. We are deeply shocked and saddened by this news. Putting vulnerable people in prison is, in part, further victimising people who are in most need.

We now call for a full investigation as this is very suspicious

Haydn was also stabbed in HMP Winchester less than a month ago


Archi Ssan wrote

At this time, whilst great sadness has consumed so many of us who are Haydn’s friends and family, I would like to share with you all an example of the work Haydn was so passionate about. Ever since we met over a year ago, Haydn had expressed a sense of duty and keenness to apply himself to the cause for children. I am very proud to have worked with such passionate man of his calibre who was willing to go to great lengths to rase attention to the plight of children in the family courts. When we first met, he had described the many challenges and tragedies of his life to me, they were very moving. He described how he felt he seen perpetual injustice over his daughters wellbeing and until he had seen Bobby Smiths example, he wasn’t sure what he could do. We became close as the months progressed and then around March he began work on improving techniques.

Over the last 5 months, after persuading Haydn not to scale Winchester cathedral alone, he agreed to take a step back from his scaling ambitions to gain a better understanding of what was at stake in such protests. We worked closely after then as he began to gain the technical knowledge necessary for a scale as well as all the psychological challenges he would face when surrounded by dozens of police for extended periods. He always showed great aptitude and vitality in his single minded approach to gain the skills he felt necessary to counter the metaphorical screams of countless children torn from the love of their parents. He excelled at picking up techniques to express short evocative sound bites when in front of the cameras and worked hard at practising as we went through various role play training.

On Election Day in the town of Witney where the Prime Minister’s seat was being contested by two candidates fighting the case of family court injustice, Haydn was present with me. There were many protesters there from many causes; you could cut the tension with a knife as the serious security presence was foreboding.

When the PM came with his entourage to the sports hall where the election votes would be counted and announced, there were many protesters heckling him chaotically. Hours later, after the counting was done and the results were live broadcast to the nation, Haydn and I were able to get in position over the confusion and security measures to find ourselves the only protesters within proximity to Cameron as he came out. The split second opportunity Haydn had recently learned to seize, and make use of knowledge recently gained proved essential for us to be in the right position at the right time.

The video shows the PM emerging from the sports hall with his entourage to head for his car. Being the only protesters in proximity to the PM, Haydn had learned to use a technique used by journalists to gain the attention of dignitaries who wish to avoid them. Haydn said, “Very much hope it went well Mr Cameron”. Haydn skilfully avoided the temptation that so many activists fall into, for making a passionate and ranting outburst. He simply and calmly expressed a complementary remark to hopefully engage the PM. Hours of role play exercises were showing as Haydn’s ‘professional activism head’ took command of the tensions and emotions that render many other activists less effective.

You’ll hear on the video, if you listen carefully, that after Haydn made his compliment to David Cameron, that the PM actually responded by looking at him only a few feet away and responding with – “Good morning”. Brilliant! Haydn had played it cool and managed to appropriately engage the PM. A situation on which to now lay the really seething condemnation that followed by Haydn. Then the PM had no choice, after Haydn’s skilful application, to endure the public criticism the followed. As you will see and hear on the video, Haydn’s condemnation was also perfect, no screeching or longwinded ranting confusion. It was clear, simple and articulate, but most of all, hard and serious. It was activism of a high ‘professional’ standard and Haydn excelled what he had never gotten away with before.

He told me afterwards that that was his best moment in activism. Sadly reflecting now, I remember telling him that there’s much more to come.

He was looking forward to joining the Humanworth Scalers on the next scale, he really wanted to go to the next level with his campaigning. He always wanted to go further to do what he can for helpless children, accepting personal sacrifice and penalty as his duty.

There can be no doubt that Haydn, throughout all his many efforts and campaigning, displayed intelligence, awareness, compassion and a total commitment in an unselfish way, in order to totally expose the corruption and prejudice effecting all of societies children, rather than his personal well being.

My admiration for this wonderful activist, who so cares for the cries of children, is only matched by my sadness for the current situation. I cannot help feeling so privileged to have worked with such a great soul.



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