New Fathers 4 Justice activists confront Sir James Munby,President of the Family Division

New Fathers 4 Justice activist Bobby Smith from Bedfordshire and Humanworth campaigner Archi Ssan from Streatham have confronted  Sir James Munby who is President of the Family Division of the High Court of England and Wales outside the Royal Courts of Justice.

Munby attempted to make a quick exit but was prevented from doing so by the two activists.

Arhci said “We will be targeting more Judges in the coming months at home and outside their courts to make them answerable for the decisions they make behind the closed doors of the secret Family Court System.”

Bobby Smith who recently climbed Westminster Abbey said “Sir James Munby…He doesn’t want to speak on the pavement, doesn’t want to speak in his office… In fact he just does not want to speak at all! ”

“The most senior family judge in the country is playing the silent game when it comes to Fathers rights. Don’t be fooled into thinking change is on the horizon…. It isn’t! Secret family courts are not in anyone’s best interests especially the chil