New Fathers 4 Justice campaigner writes book covering court battles, David Cameron rooftop protest and parental alienation

A dad who has spent years campaigning for fathers’ rights has written a book about the emotional abuse he says he suffered at the hands of the family courts when he was denied access to his only child.

Roger Crawford of Meppershall has written a book about his campaign for fathers' rights.
Roger Crawford of Meppershall has written a book about his campaign for fathers’ rights.

Roger Crawford, of Shefford Road in Meppershall, says being prevented from seeing his daughter, Heather, grow up has been a torturous experience.

Despite fighting constantly to be part of her life, Roger has not seen his daughter for 21 years and says ‘parental alienation’ means the 23-year-old does not want to see him now.

Roger is a member of campaign group New Fathers 4 Justice and as such has taken part in a number of protests, including climbing onto the roof of Prime Minister David Cameron’s constituency office in Witney, for equal rights for fathers and reform of the family courts.

Roger, who dresses as a jester during protests, has now written a book called Rebel Without a Clue, The Jester’s Tale.

His struggle to be part of his daughter’s life is vividly recorded, including court battles, rooftop protests and representing the Equal Parenting Alliance when competing for the Oxford East set in 2010’s general election.

The 66-year-old, who was adopted at birth, said: “All I wanted was contact with my daughter, but I had a torrid time in the family courts.

“I found them adversarial rather than helpful and that’s why I joined New Fathers 4 Justice.

“This book exposes what fathers are forced to go through in the family courts, and parental alienation by mothers.

“Obviously there are some exceptions, but time and time again it has been proved that children are best brought up knowing both parents. Contact denial is emotional abuse.

“In 2010 David Cameron promised a presumption of shared parenting after family breakdown, but the government has failed to keep that promise.

“This lack of justice for children is one of the biggest social scandals of our time.”

Rebel Without A Clue, The Jester’s Tale is available from online retailer Amazon priced at £8.99.

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Rebel Without A Clue, The Jester's Tale
Rebel Without A Clue, The Jester’s Tale