Protester scales York Minster

A MAN has scaled York Minster and is currently in negotiations with police.

The man, who is wearing climbing gear, is on the flat vestry roof of the Minster.

protester 2

He has used climbing rope to clip himself to a number of points on the roof.

It is understood the man, who has a supply of food and drink, has made several demands and has been heard asking where his son is.

Inspector Geoff Crocker, of North Yorkshire Police, who is in charge of the scene at the Minster, said: “At the moment there’s a gentleman on a low building. He is wearing a harness and he has roped himself onto the scaffolding.

“He is clearly unhappy about something that has happened in his life and is making demands. His intentions are not clear.”

Professional police negotiators are talking with him.

Emergency services were called to the scene after 5.30pm.

Eyewitness Tony Neal said: “The man was on the scaffolding and the Minster Police called York Police. He was shouting that he wanted to know where his son was.

“The street was cleared shortly after that.”

A large crowd had formed to watch the man climb the scaffolding.

The entire area around the Minster has been cordoned off.

Police said it is unclear how long the situation will go on for.

York Minster

The man is not believed to be from the campaign group Fathers 4 Justice.

He is in his late 40s or in his 50s and is understood to be from the West Yorkshire area.

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Well done that dad. No parent who is fit and willing should ever be denied their right to share equally in the lives of their own children. A child needs contact with both its father and mother. Share them not break them!