New Fathers 4 Justice founder member Tony Ashby has been fined for entering London.

New Fathers 4 Justice founder member Tony Ashby was today fined £551 for breaking his ASBO and entering London.

He was only in London looking for work and got a job a few days after the Police stopped him.

Tony said ‘I was only in the court for 5 minutes and left with a badly photocopied printout with £551 scribbled on it. ‘

Tony A

If anyone thought the congestion charge was expensive think of how much Tony got for walking into London.

Tony Ashby was arrested outside Downing Street on the 25th July 2015. He was taken to Charing Cross Police Station and originally the police stated that they did it to prevent Tony from climbing on the Downing Street gates.

In 2012 Tony Ashby made headlines for invading a restricted zone at Heathrow Airport and in 2008 for climbing onto the house of the Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman.

For the Heathrow protest he was banned from entering inside the M25 apart for work.

In 2013 he staged a hunger strike protest near the prime minister’s constituency home in Dean, near Chipping Norton.


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Recently he travelled over 200 miles from his current home in Canterbury for pre arranged access in Hereford only to find out that Hereford Social Services had cancelled the contact at the last minute