Activist fathers ‘removed’ by police after defacing ‘sexist’ London domestic violence poster

An anti-domestic violence poster has angered fathers campaign groups and today two activists were ‘removed’ by police from a south-east London train station for defacing the council missive.

Terry Vooght

Greenwich council said they started the poster campaign to “help victims – both men and women – to come forward and seek help”, adding that “the majority of incidents are committed by men”. The wording ‘Dads, have the strength to change’ is intended to show the impact violence in the home can have on young children. This morning New Fathers 4 Justice (New F4J) told London24 two of its members were “removed from Greenwich Arsenal train station by Met Police officers, after holding a protest” against the campaign.

The group spokesperson said: “Bobby Smith from Stevenage and Terry Vought from Harrow stuck New F4J stickers and banners over the campaign posters including one A4 sticker that read ‘Please let me see my dad’. “Within minutes the TFL called the police.” Mr Vought said: “We decided to come and cover the poster… Transport for London and the Met Police were not happy. There was mayhem at Woolwich station


“Four police cars and 6 police turned up to throw us out because we covered that sexist poster up. Our version was better!” A spokesman from the New Fathers 4 Justice UK group had previously said: “This campaign is utterly offensive to fathers, sexist and discriminatory.” 
They had warned of impending “guerrilla-style protests” which would be “targeted at premises that continue to display these posters”. Fathers’ campaign groups were first angered by seeing the poster up in south-east London train and underground stations, with Fathers For Justice tweeting a picture of the poster with “Dads attacked with #hatecrime”.

New Fathers4justice

Today the Greenwich council spokesman said: “This single poster was developed as a result of evidence which shows that fathers who are abusive to their partners are more likely seek help to change their behaviour if they are made to face up to the damaging effects their behaviour has on their children. “We recognise that the overwhelming majority of men are good fathers and role models to their children and this campaign is not meant to detract from that.” What do you think? Let us know @London24