Fathers removed by police after protesting against ‘sexist’ domestic violence poster


New F4J Greenwich (3)

Campaigners were removed from a train station by police after campaigning about a ‘sexist’ domestic violence poster.

Two new Fathers 4 Justice activists were removed from Greenwich Arsenal train station by Met Police officers yesterday, after holding a protest against a domestic violence campaign.

The fathers rights group have been protesting against the “Dads, have the strength to change” posters, claiming they are offensive to fathers and are sexist and discriminatory.

Terry Vooght from Harrow and Bobby Smith from Stevenage stuck New F4J stickers and banners over the campaign posters including one A4 sticker that read ‘Please let me see my dad’

Within minutes the TFL called the police and arrived.

Mr Smith said: “We decided to come and cover the poster… Transport for London and the Met Police were not happy. There was mayhem at Woolwich station.

“Four police cars and six police turned up to throw us out because we covered that sexist poster up. Our version was better.

“London Mayoral candidate Tessa Jowell has vowed to ban ‘sexist’ adverts in London’s Tube stations and on buses but as yet remains silent on this campaign.”