Protestors storm second Winchester landmark after climbing cathedral

Protestors who stormed Winchester Cathedral this morning have now moved on to another landmark in the city.

New Fathers 4 Justice, who were campaigning on behalf of Haydn Burton this morning have moved on to WestGate where they’ve replaced the Queen’s Standard with a Superman tea towel.

 The group – who are also calling themselves Stop the War on Dads – said they wanted to fight on behalf of men who are having to pay the courts to see their children.

One of the members who is on the ground, James Dennis, said there was 17 of them protesting in the city today.

He said: “We want the government to change the family courts, the way that the fathers are getting pushed towards to the courts just to see their children.


Pete McMurdie added: “There’s no support for father, there’s no choice but for them to go through the court system.”

Earlier this morning a man climbed the cathedral holding a banner that refers to controversial Winchester children’s rights campaigner Haydn Burton.

Police cars were at the scene and police confirmed they were called about the incident at 7.45am this morning.

The cathedral currently has scaffolding up.

Mr Burton, 42, a New Fathers 4 Justice campaigner, who was often seen donning a Superman onesie and a loud-hailer and calling for changes to the law for children’s rights, was found hanging in his cell at Winchester Prison on July 15.

A representative of splinter group New Fathers 4 Justice said the protestor was Robert C Carwardine from Torquay who had scaled Winchester Cathedral at approximately 5.45am this morning and was calling for justice for Mr Burton.

It alleged he had been assaulted in the cathedral grounds and called for the church to investigate.

It is also asking that the church make available their halls as free contact centres for family and children to make more supervised contact possible and cheap.

The spokesperson said the campaign was peaceful and the group had taken steps to ensure no damage was done to the cathedral.

A Hampshire Police spokesman said: “We can confirm that we are in attendance at Winchester Cathedral after a man was spotted staging a protest on the roof.

“We are liaising with cathedral authorities and monitoring the situation.”

The cathedral was unavailable for comment.