Dad from Burton part of group which scaled a building and replaced a flag with a tea towel in protest

A DAD from Burton representing the group ‘Stop The War on Dads’ has scaled a fortified gateway in Winchester as part of a protest.

Darren Lock from Burton joined Mohand Namani from Sedgley and New Fathers 4 Justice protester Martin Matthews from Great Bookham in climbing onto the Westgate in Winchester yesterday.

The aim was to protest the treatment of fathers who are restricted from seeing their children.

One of the activists dressed as Batman lowered the Queens Standard flag, removed the flag from its flagpole and replaced it with a tea towel with a Superman logo drawn on it.

Winchester Batman

Darren said: “We wanted to highlight the plight of men who are having to pay vast sums in the courts to see their children.

“We want the government to change the family courts, and the way that the fathers are getting pushed towards to the courts just to see their children.”

There were 17 campaigner protesting in the city yesterday.

The replacement of the flag took place at 4.30pm and the group evaded arrest by climbing down from the building out of view of the police while other activists caused a distraction.

This incident was the second protest to be carried out in Winchester yesterday.

At 6am another campaigner Robert Carwardine from a group called ‘Justice For Haydn’ climbed Winchester cathedral holding a banner that said ‘Justice for Haydn’ Burton.

This was a reference to Haydn Burton, 42, who was discovered by prison officers at Winchester Jail in July and was rushed to hospital where he later died.

Mr Burton had been a campaigner for equal rights between parents and was a member of splinter group New Fathers 4 Justice.

New Fathers 4 Justice campaigns for equal rights for fathers in divorce and separation proceedings and reform of the family courts.

New Fathers 4 Justice is a splinter group and not associated with Matt O’Connor or Fathers4Justice UK