Threats of ‘guerilla-style protests’ outside Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron’s home after his party accused of being ‘sexist and discriminatory’

‘GUERILLA-STYLE protests’ look set to be waged outside the house of Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron after allegations of ‘sexist and discriminatory’ activity were made against his party.

Fathers’ rights group New Fathers 4 Justice are incensed after a talk on how to ‘juggle politics and family life’ at the ongoing Lib Dem Party Conference in Bournemouth was labelled as being for ‘women only’.

A spokesperson for the group called the move ‘utterly offensive to men, sexist and discriminatory’ – a claim Mr Farron totally refutes.

A statement, sent to The Gazette today (Monday, September 21) reads: “We will stage guerrilla-style protests in Bournemouth this week and at the constituency home of Lib Dem leader Tim Farron.

“We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk and still use direct action protest.

“This ban is utterly offensive to men, sexist and discriminatory. Imagine how much of an uproar there would be from the Mumsnet community if it was a male only session.

“Gender discrimination is not acceptable especially from one of the UK’s main political parties.

“We call upon Tim Farron to apologise and the Lib Dem party to make a donation to a male domestic violence charity.”

Tim Farron Labour claims

In response, a spokesperson for Mr Farron said that the label ‘women only’ was because the fringe event, which took place on Saturday, September 19, was organised by the Liberal Democrat Women group, which actually has several male members, all of whom were invited.

The spokesperson went on to say: “As a working dad, Tim understands. They are welcome to protest here in Bournemouth but protesting outside his house when he is not home and it’s just his wife and three young children is inappropriate.”

Cumbria Police have been made aware of the impending possible protest and released a statement saying: “Cumbria Constabulary fully supports the right of an individual or group to conduct a peaceful protest.

“We will respond proportionately to any incidents of criminality or disorder reported to us.”