New Fathers4Justice attempt to scale the BIC – but fail because “it’s too slippy”

CAMPAIGNERS from direct action group New Fathers 4 Justice made an unsuccessful attempt to scale the Bournemouth International Centre this morning.

An activist dressed as Superman had planned to climb the building and remain on the roof until Lib Dem leader Tim Farron finished his speech later today.

Party members have gathered at the venue for their annual conference.


However, a spokesperson from the group said: “It was simply too slippery and too dangerous.”

Plans had been laid for the man to climb the back of the building under cover of darkness so arrived at 5.30am.

The spokesperson said the protest had been planned to highlight the fact that most homeless people in the UK are men.

“Failing to qualify for council housing, fathers are often forced to look for privately rented accommodation,” he said.

“However, many get no help and some only receive housing benefit sufficient for a single person and often end up in bedsits or hostels where they cannot adequately house their children when it is their contact with them.

“This disruption to contact is placing immense strain on the relationships between fathers and their children.

“It is appalling that many children’s valuable time with their fathers is being disrupted by housing problems.”

The conference finishes today.