Bromsgrove man scales tower dressed as Batman in a bid to ‘Stop the War on Dads’

Tower Protest

A MAN from Bromsgrove was among those who scaled the Westgate Tower in Winchester to highlight the issue of parental alienation.

This is the third protest by Darren Lock who was dressed as batman as he and two others scaled the tower to unfurl a banner highlighting their plight.

He said he had been fighting to see his children for the last 22 months, following the breakdown of a 12-year marriage.

He said after being in a top job, the stress of his family situation had led him to suffer anxiety and depression and at one point there was a time where he did not feel he could get up in the morning.

“One day, I woke up and decided something needed to be done.”

That was the moment he joined others from the Stop the War on Dads group, which is aimed at fighting parental alienation.

“Everybody there is in the same situation and there is a solidarity between us all.

“Not being able to see your kids is one of the worst things anyone can go through,” he said.

He said that prior to carrying out a protest, they always let the staff know at the buildings what they are doing and alert the police.

“They are always very peaceful and we always get a lot of support – from other dads, mums, aunties, grandparents.”

A short film about the protest was made on the day and a feature film is being created to highlight the issues facing fathers who have no or limited access to seeing their children.

Visit for more information on the campaign.