Gloucester and Cheltenham Family Court inform lawyers that they can no longer be trusted

Lawyers at Gloucester Family Court have toilet privileges withdrawn over ‘continued misuse’.

We can only speculate as to what “continued misuse” means…..A crafty cigarette, snorting cocaine, nicking the toilet paper, well at least the they know what it is like to be denied access!

New F4J Glos

A New Fathers 4 Justice spokesperson said “The whole present Family Court system is a complete pantomime farce at best. These people are only interested in continuing with THE GOOSE THAT LAYS THE GOLDEN EGG rather than putting children rights to have meaningful contact with both parents first.”

“I would not trust any of them”

Management at Gloucester and Cheltenham Family Court have been forced to close the toilets in their advocates’ lounge — due to what they describe in an official notice as “continued misuse”.

A sign (attached) has appeared recently on the toilet door informing lawyers that they can no longer be trusted to use the facilities.

The notice — from the court’s delivery manager, Mrs L. Overbury — directs lawyers to use the public toilets in the court’s foyer from now on.