New ‘fathers for justice’ campaign group say they will ‘target’ Bridwater carnival

The parental campaign group New Fathers 4 Justice say they will demonstrate at Bridgwater and other Somerset carnivals if there are any suffragette themed entries.

They said they will also be targeting cinema screenings of the film Suffragette in Somerset.

In a statement to the press they said: “Expect the unexpected as our ‘Suffragents’ highlight the injustice that fathers face in the present family court system.”

“The cast of Suffragette praised the recent protest at the recent premiere of the film but none have ever spoken in support of equal rights for fathers.

“We get criticised for climbing bridges over roads yet Suffragettes now get praised despite the extreme violence that they used to get the vote.”

The group said fathers deserve equal rights after family breakdown as much as women do in the workplace and are known for their high profile demonstrations. They also said they were banned from taking part in carnivals for being too political.

Dave Stokes, publicity officer for Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival Committee, said: “We do respect the rights of individuals to peaceful and lawful protest, and we are confident there are not any entries at this year’s carnival which are likely to cause offence. We work very closely with the local authorities and emergency services to ensure spectators at Bridgwater Carnival have a safe, secure and enjoyable experience.”