Plymouth fathers’ rights campaigner wants to erect his own statue on the Tamar bridge

A CAMPAIGNER who once scaled the Tamar bridge dressed as Spiderman to raise awareness of fathers’ rights wants to construct a statue in his own honour.

Ivybridge dad Jolly Stanesby has made headlines over the last decade for climbing up Exeter Cathedral, protesting on Harriet Harman’s roof and breaching security at Trouping the Colour in his fight for parental equality.

Now, inspired by the unveiling of a new monument to mark Napoleon’s stay in Plymouth 200 years ago, Mr Stanesby has revealed he is working on plans for his own historic sculpture.

A spokesman for New Fathers 4 Justice said: “Napoleon now has a special monument to mark the historic occasion of him spending 10 days in Plymouth, so why should we not celebrate Jolly Stanesby’s week long protest on the Tamar bridge?

Jolly Stanesby

“New Fathers 4 Justice activists believe that in the sense of equality the veteran fathers’ rights campaigner should be celebrated as well.

“In the last 10 years Jolly Stanesby has been an integral part of the campaign for more rights for fathers and this should also be celebrated.”

The group has launched a Crowdfunder appeal to raise money.

The spokesman said the monument could take the form of a plaque or a small statue, which they hope would be placed on the Tamar bridge.

Earlier this year Mr Stanesby walked free from court having faced charges of criminal damage in relation to his protest on top of Exeter Cathedral.

Mr Stanesby, aged 48, had threatened to call the Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Reverend Justin Welby, as a witness if his case had gone to trial.

The veteran campaigner had to fight for nine years to regularly see his daughter Rosy after his divorce from her mother.

He and his ex-wife now have shared custody.

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