New Fathers 4 Justice activists hold protest on Tory Chris Grayling’s roof

Activists dressed as Bob the Builder and Elmo have taken up residence on the Leader of the House of Commons’ roof

Martin Matthews on the roof of MP Chris Grayling's home on Wednesday October 21
Martin Matthews on the roof of MP Chris Grayling’s home on Wednesday October 21

Activists for protest group New Fathers 4 Justice set up camp on the roof of ToryChris Grayling’s house today.

Martin Matthews,48, and Bobby Smith, 33, climbed up the Leader of the House of Commons ‘ home in leafy Surrey, with a tent and enough supplies to stay for a week.

The pair are protesting against what they see as the erosion of the rights of the father in custody cases.

It’s the second time Matthews has held a rooftop demonstration on Grayling’s home.

Last year, he was convicted of criminal damage and fined £300, after Grayling claimed he’d caused £15,000 worth of damage to the top of his house.

Today, he says he’s come back dressed as Bob The Builder with some silicone to repair the small holes caused by his banner during the last protest.

Smith has joined him dressed as Sesame Street’s Elmo, a costume he wore to stand against David Cameron in May’s General Election.

He said: “I haven’t had any real contact with my children since May 2011. There should be a starting point of 50-50 for parenting.

“I have used Elmo costume in the past because that’s what I used to call both my children when we were together.”

Asked why the pair chose Chris Grayling’s house to hold their demonstration, Smith told Mirror Online: “Well, David Cameron has got police with machine guns outside his house.”