Protesters climb on top of Chris Grayling’s Ashtead home – AGAIN

Martin Matthews on the roof of MP Chris Grayling's home on Wednesday October 21
Martin Matthews on the roof of MP Chris Grayling’s home on Wednesday October 21

TWO ‘New Fathers 4 Justice’ activists have climbed onto the roof of Chris Grayling’s home in Ashtead.

Martin Matthews,48, from Bookham, and Bobby Smith ,33, from Stevenage, have a tent and enough supplies for several days, according to a statement released by the activist group.

It is the second time Mr Matthews has climbed onto the minister’s roof, having done the same last year.

The statement from New Fathers 4 Justice read: “Chris Grayling is Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons. We call upon him to show leadership and support a presumption of shared parenting after family breakdown and an open transparent family court system based on evidence

“We criticise China’s over it human rights violations but every day in the UK the secret family courts violate the human rights of fathers to have meaningful contact with their children.

“Veteran Martin Matthews has participated in many protests, Bobby Smith stood against David Cameron dressed as Elmo in the 2015 general election and recently scaled Westminster Abbey on Fathers Day.

“We must Stop the War on dads.”