New Fathers 4 Justice plan protest outside Penzance shoe shop

FATHERS’ rights campaigners are planning to protest outside a Penzance shoe shop today.

Pete Moore, from New Fathers 4 Justice, says the protest is to raise attention to an alleged case of gender discrimination by the Shoe Zone chain.

Mr Moore said: “The company has been running a SuperMum competition all year but only ran a Superdads competition for a short period just before Father’s Day.

Shoe Zone

“Nominees have the chance of being crowned Shoe Zone’s ‘SuperMum of the Month’ and receiving £200 worth of vouchers but the same opportunity is not open to fathers.”

He points out that a posting on the Shoe Zone website says: “Mums are magnificent, multi-tasking magicians with the ability to listen intently to important problems, comfort tears, give the best advice, cook yummy treats, find lost toys, play the best games, answer endless questions, know everything, fix anything, tell the BEST stories and that’s just for starters … in fact we think mums are Superheroes……and Superheroes need to be celebrated.”

Mr Moore added: “Does Shoe zone believe that fathers are less important than mothers when it comes to children? They appear to be stating that mothers are better than fathers at giving advice which is a disgraceful generalisation and an insult to fathers.”

New Fathers 4 Justice are calling for a boycott of Shoez= Zone shops in the run up to Christmas and say have attempted to contact Anthony Smith, Shoe Zone’s chief executive, but have yet to receive a response.

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