Rennes: A man perched on a crane threatening to jump

Since 7:30 this morning, a man perched on a crane overlooking the Galeries Lafayette in Rennes. He threatened to jump into the void. According to preliminary, the man would see her children again. The Rue de Rohan, located in the city center was sealed off for three hours before reopening.

Thirty firefighters are there to try to go down the man. A negotiation phase began and several men of the reconnaissance group and perilous based intervention (GRIMP) are mounted on the crane.

On-site support

Several witnesses said the man would be fitted with a harness and supplies, allowing it to eat and drink. This would be a father native of Lorient who wishes to obtain joint custody of her children. The crane operator had discovered the man perched this morning when starting his workday.

A banner was installed on the crane. – C. Allain / APEI / 20 Minutes


The father received the support of Jean-Marie Rault. This man, who  leads a similar fight to see his daughter  living in the United States, manifested every day in front of the French-American Institute.

In 2014,  a man perched on the Nantes crane  for the same reasons. Subsequently, several people had used the same method to make their demands heard.