New Fathers 4 Justice consider Yeovil superhero protest

Superhero dads dressed as Spiderman and Batman stage a roof-top demonstration for Fathers for Justice at Yeovil Magistrates Court at Petters way.August 2nd Picture Steve Roberts Western Daily Press

A GROUP of activists are considering council offices in Yeovil to stage their next protest.

Members of New Fathers 4 Justice say they may demonstrate at South Somerset District Council offices in Brympton Way in reaction to a new fostering project by Somerset County Council.

The group said it was incensed when it heard the council had been looking to ask people to dress up as superheroes to take part in a photo shoot to help promote the project in the New Year.

It claimed the project was being launched near the two year anniversary of the death of a Down’s Syndrome child who died while living with Somerset County Council foster carers.

The Daily Mail reported that Jonas Stadden, who had Down’s syndrome, collapsed and died after he was taken into care by Somerset County Council which had been criticised for its ‘inadequate’ children’s services.

The Mail said his parents repeatedly questioned his standard of care.

A statement released by the group said: “If they want photos of superheroes then we will protest on council office roofs in Somerset.

“When for a dozen years or more mothers and fathers have climbed buildings dressed as Superheroes campaigning for more rights for fathers and an end to forced adoption, can they think it is a good idea to use the same theme to promote fostering? The issue of when the state can permanently take away your children should concern us all.

“The essence of these cases is that many a child is taken on the basis of the risk of future emotional harm. Emotional harm is hard to define, it is certainly less easy to pin down than physical or sexual abuse, and in some cases the definition seems to have been stretched to include very questionable harm to a child’s morals.”

It is not yet clear when the protest will take place or what it will entail. The district council offices are being looked at as a target as they now house the county council’s children’s social care team.

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