New Fathers 4 Justice target EastEnders: ‘We plan to put an activist on the Queen Vic dressed as Elmo’


The activist group campaign for fathers’ rights to have access to their children and regularly make protest, often dressed as fictional characters, as they fight for a change in the law to address what they see as injustice towards dads.

And, according to the Borehamwood Times, they are now heading to Walford to scale the Queen Vic for their latest high profile action.

Peter Moore, the spokesperson for the group, explained: ‘We’d like nothing more than to be simply with our families this Christmas happy in the knowledge our children would grow up with equal rights, but until anything is done, this is the only way anyone takes any notice of our message.

He added: ‘We are going to target the EastEnders set and we have planned for a while to attempt to put an activist on the Queen Vic or another well-known EastEnders building dressed in an Elmo costume and have several options.

‘We had one activist on the set in the summer as an extra taking pictures and another had been on a bus tour to the studios.’

Negotiators arrive at the Fathers For Justice protest on the roof of Buckingham Palace. Featuring: View Where: London, United Kingdom When: 29 Nov 2015 Credit:

New Fathers 4 Justice are reportedly eyeing up the Queen Vic as their latest target for a public protest. 

Due to the heavy filming schedules and tight deadlines, it is likely that any such action would heavily disrupt the work of the cast and crew on set.