Dads Protest in Agen France

Michael Byers, from Nottingham currently living in France in an attempt to gain access to his son suspended a visible message of all to see in the heart of Agen France to signify his anger and injustice that he feels about being denied access to his little boy.


Michael Byers, and a fiend hung the banner on the Victor Hugo tower, located in the centre of Agen, which stands out as a landmark in the city, and is on a busy crossroads.

From the window of his living room on the 11th floor of the building, the banner is hanging from a rope with what he calls a fluorescent bomb message to the Justice Minister Christiane Taubira.


Michael Byers wants joint custody of his 11 year old son and will not remove the banner until his case is reopened. He has warned that this is just the beginning.

We congratulate Michael on his protest