Man climbs Doncaster car park in dramatic fathers’ rights protest

A man has scaled a Doncaster town centre car park this afternoon to stage a dramatic protest.

The man, dressed in orange and black, climbed up the side of the Civic Quarter car park earlier this afternoon to carry out a one-man demonstration.

The protester spent nearly two hours carrying out his demo before being brought down by police.
He used ropes and other climbing gear to haul himself down the side of the five storey building, formerly the South Bus Station, before unfurling a banner from the side of the car park.

In black lettering daubed on a sheet, the protestor wrote: “More rights for dads!”

Eyewitnesses looked on as the man carried out his demonstration which is understood to have involved him shouting messages about his domestic situation to those in the streets below.

Police were called to the scene and the man was brought down nearly two hours after beginning his protest.

The protestor unfurls his banner off the side of the Civic Quarter car park.
The protestor unfurls his banner off the side of the Civic Quarter car park.

It is not clear whether he has been arrested.

One eyewitness said the protest was in relation to access to his child.

Leading campaign group Fathers4Justice has staged a string of rooftop protests at well-known buildings and landmarks across the UK in recent years, with protestors donning fancy dress costumes to raise awareness of their plight.

It is not known if today’s protest was connected to the group.

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