It’s official – Elmo becomes Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough election candidate

Good on Bobby Smith for standing as a candidate not only in his own area but has paid to stand in The Sheffield by-election on May 5th 2016.

When it comes to your children knowing that you love and want them nothing is a waste of time, money or effort. Any publicity for your children to see the truth is great.


If people are still in their areas you should all go and stand in your local elections, it is free, you only need 10 signatures off people who live in the area, who are registered to vote. This is free publicity to get in your local paper and raise awareness of the corrupt secret family court and share a bit of your story for your children to see the truth.

It takes more than one person to raise awareness of secret family courts. And nothing will change if more people do not get out their.

But most importantly anything you get publicity for will be a great comfort to your children no matter how old they are.