Roof Top Protest By Angry Dad


A father’s rights campaigner has scaled the roof of his MP’s office in Liskeard.

Peter McMurdie has told Pirate FM he is planning to be there all day and has enough supplies to keep him going.

He is protesting over what he says is the injustice of the family legal system.

Peter from Looe told Pirate FM: “It was very easy. I just walked up with a ladder. I put a high viz bib on to look like a workman.

“The police have just been. They’re just pulling away and waving at me. They’re being very courteous because I’m not actually committing any criminal offence at all.”

Mr McMurdie says he has not seen his children for more than three years and wants the government to reform family courts.

He said: “It does not work in the best interests of children. Fathers are regularly cut out of their children’s lives.

“What the public do not realise is that family breakdown costs the UK taxpayer £47bn a year. I think that’s higher than the defence budget.

“I have not seen my children in three and a half years now and if this is the only way I can tell them that I love them and I miss them, this is what I shall do.”

In a statement Sheryll Murray said, “I was very concerned that a protestor had climbed upon my roof endangering himself.

“I can confirm that I have met with the constituent on a previous occasion.  As the constituent has said I did make contact with the Minister and that advice was given to him on how he should proceed.  I cannot go into the details of his case due to confidentiality.

“If he should wish to make a further appointment to discuss this then I am happy to meet him at one of my regular surgeries.  To my knowledge he has not approached me for a further appointment and declined an invitation to come down and speak to one of my trained caseworkers.

“He did make me aware that he was keen to make a movie and highlight issues relating to fathers for justice.  Whilst I am sympathetic to the plight of fathers who wish to have access to their children individual cases should be dealt with through the legal system.

“What my constituent has done is dangerous and puts himself at risk.  It is clearly not a sensible way of proceeding and I worry that he is hurting his own case.”

Devon and Cornwall Police said an incident was “ongoing” on the Parade in the town.