Greater Manchester Police suggest that Elmo activist threw egg from Sheffield to Altringham

Elmo Sheffield Celebrity

This Evening New Fathers 4 Justice activist Bobby ‘Elmo’ Smith “voluntarily” attended Stevenage police station and was arrested to be taken to Manchester and be interviewed about an egg throwing incident at 9 pm Thursday 5th May 2016 in Altringham the same time that he was standing in the by election in SHEFFIELD.

Apparently being on National TV is not a good enough alibi. Two lucky plods made the 8 hour return trip and squeeze in a night in a Hotel with food at our tax paying expense when this misunderstanding could be sorted in 2 minutes

Someone threw eggs at the door of the home of Her Hon Judge De Haas Designated Family Judge for Merseyside on the 5th May at 9pm just before the polls closed in Sheffield

Greater Manchester Police are still oddly suggesting that Bobby Smith could have thrown this egg from Sheffield in Yorkshire to Altringham in Greater Manchester 47 miles away 1 hour 15 minutes by car

If the police had bothered to check the Sheffield by election coverage before arresting Bobby they would have known that he was in Sheffield election campaigning all day on the 5th May until the election result.